The Beautiful Mile

Client: Hoka OneOne

Notes: This project was unique in the sense that I was only in charge of cinematography and not concept development, editing or music, nevertheless it's a beautiful piece and a great example of my work as a cinematogrpaher and drone operator.



Client: Jaybird & Ortovox

Notes: This film will be released after it premiers at Banff Mountain Film Festival. If you are a journalist, festival employee or work in the content creation field and would like a screaner of the film, please email me at

DIrectors of Toughness: Season Two

Client: Columbia Sportswear

Notes: After the success of Season One, Columbia has launched Season Two, and I am in a similar role overseeing production of a 10 episode series as DP and First Camera. 

Vasu Sojitra: OUt on a Limb

Client: Personal Project

Notes: I wrote, shot, and edited this piece from start to finish, and it is a great example of the type of storytelling I like to create. It is a few years out of date in terms of production value but still one of my favorite projects.            


DIrectors of Toughness: Season One

Client: Columbia Sportswear

Notes: Season One was a 12 part video series following Columbia's Directors of Toughness around the world as they tested gear. I was brought in to oversee the production, including acting as DP, First Camera, and overseeing post. Season One garnered several million views and was seen as a major succcess